Celebrating Pride: download our infographic

With UK Pride taking place between Friday 23 and Sunday 25 July, this year we’re celebrating by centring LGBTQ+ experiences.

Download our infographic to learn more about how identifying as LGBTQ+ can affect your life in a variety of different ways, from your health and mental wellbeing, to your experiences at work, to the international holidays you feel safe to take.

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READ: Celebrating UK Pride: What's In A Symbol?

By Alex Kinder, Learning Experience Manager

Signs and symbols are all around us, and play a huge part in everyday life.

Whether it be health and safety signs on a building site warning of danger, road traffic signs directing traffic, logos identifying a corporate brand, or a flag representing a nation or community, signs and symbols are everywhere we look.

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READ: It's A Sin
By Alex Kinder

Chanel 4’s ‘It’s a Sin,’ written by Russel T. Davies, has stirred up great emotion for many of the LGBTQ+ community and our allies.

For me personally, growing up in the 80s and 90s it was a stark reminder of what should have been a happy time discovering who I was, but sadly it was a time of fear, hatred and confusion.
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READ: Getting Talking About Pronouns In The Workplace

If you’ve never had to worry about which pronoun to use, gender pronouns might not seem important.

However, you can’t always tell what someone’s gender pronouns are by looking at them, and using someone's preferred pronouns can help make people feel valued and included.
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READ: LGBTQ+ History Month

By Paul Fothergill, Regulatory Engagement Manager

Each February marks LGBTQ+ history month in the United Kingdom.

You may have heard of the UK charity Stonewall which campaigns for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, but you might not know about the events from which the charity took its name?

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