Women in finance

Supporting women in finance

Here’s how we’re working to build a more diverse and inclusive industry, that better reflects the society that we live in.

Women in Finance Charter

As one of the founding signatories of the Women in Finance Charter, we’re committed to working collaboratively with firms across the financial services industry, to build a more balanced and fair sector.

SBG are proud to have met our target of 50% of women in senior management roles (within a 10% tolerance). Our ongoing commitment is maintain this.

Learn more about the Charter

*Target reached by September 2023


The gender pay gap at SBG


We’ve monitored and reported on our gender pay gap since 2017, as we continue on our journey towards reducing the gender pay gap to ensure gender pay equality.

Some of SBG's celebrated women in finance

Supporting women in the workplace

Here’s how we’re working to build a more diverse and inclusive industry, that better reflects the society that we live in.

A triangle pointed down with three tear shapes from each corner, in an abstract womb, to represent menopause

Menopause policy

A stork carrying a swag bag, representative of fertility

Fertility Policy

A calendar with a pram one side and pound coin the next representing paid parental leave

Family Leave

A fist with lightning bolts coming from it reprinting the domestic abuse policy

Domesic Abuse

Two circles wiht an arrow moving from one to the next, representing the transitioning policy

Transitioning policy

Calendar, representing flexible working policy

Flexible working policy

Adoption, Paternity and Surrogacy Leave, symbolised by a home with a heart within hands at the center

Adoption, Paternity and Surrogacy Leave

Angle wings and halo representing baby loss leave policy

Baby loss leave

*Many of these policies apply to everyone who works at SBG, although they have proven particularly useful or helpful for the women in our workforce.

Celebrating some of our members and clients

Women in Protection

Committed to making Protection inclusive and accessible, so more people can get financially fit.

The Women in Protection Network was set up to raise awareness of the need for more female consumers to buy protection insurance, and to encourage more women to work in our industry.

Visit the Women in Protection Website

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