Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

‘Equality and diversity are at the heart of the Sesame Bankhall Group culture, which includes Gender Pay equality and a commitment to reduce the Gender Pay Gap.’

Sesame Bankhall Group is passionate about gender pay equality, we believe that diversity among our people improves innovation, decision making and the way we support our Advisers.

Our 2019 results show an improvement in the median gender pay gap and an improvement in the mean and median bonus pay gap. We have seen an increase in our mean gender pay gap, however this remains an improvement from our first gender pay gap report in 2017. We are pleased that there is movement in in the right direction and we are committed to continuing to improve these figures.

We are passionate about the initiatives we have in place to promote diversity and gender equality across Sesame Bankhall Group and continue to invest in these. We acknowledge there is still some way to go but realise our initiatives will take time to embed and for us to see results, which we are realistic about.

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