Putting the spotlight on invisible disability

Here at Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG), we believe in building a world that’s safe and supportive for everyone – no matter their experiences, their identities or their backgrounds.

That’s why throughout April – the month of both Autism Awareness Week and MS Awareness Week – we’re placing the spotlight on the experiences of people living with invisible disabilities. We’ll be sharing the experiences of some of our colleagues, and also asking how our workplaces can adapt to become more aware and inclusive towards people living with invisible disabilities.

Multiple Sclerosis And Me: My Story

By Sehrish Mustafa

‘I know what you’re thinking… I look “normal”, right?’

In 2018, Sehrish’s life changed forever. After waking up one morning completely blind, and being rushed to hospital for a series of frantic tests, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Since then, Sehrish has had to rethink her life. And some of the challenges she faces now – including casual ableism from well-meaning family, friends and colleagues – are worlds apart from the ones she thought she would ever have to deal with.

Click to read Sehrish’s incredibly moving experiences, in which she shares a little of what it’s like to move through life with an invisible disability.
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Making Invisible Disability Visible At SBG: A Conversation With Emma Penrose

To understand some of the steps that SBG is taking to ensure it provides a truly inclusive working environment and culture for people living with an invisible disability, our General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer, and Inclusion Council representative, Sarah Batham caught-up with HR Partner Emma Penrose.

Together, they share some of the policies, procedures and programmes that SBG has in place to support its colleagues.

Resources: invisible disability

To find out more about the experiences of people living with invisible disabilities, and to explore further how our workplaces can adapt to become a more truly inclusive space, take a look at some of the educational and informative resources we’ve collated below:

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