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Times are changing.

From increasing regulation, to advancements in technology, to shifting customer expectations, the way we work and do business is evolving. So we need to adapt.

Here at Bankhall and PMS, and the wider Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG), we've made it our mission to support you and your firm in rising to the challenges of change, while making the most of the opportunities it brings.

Join us as we turn the page, exploring the changes on the horizon and stepping into a new chapter.

Before we begin: Introduction from Ross Liston

In this five-minute video, Ross summarises the current and upcoming developments in our market that are driving change.

Ross Liston

Ross Liston

Sesame Bankhall Group Managing Director, Distribution

Blue bookmark iconChapter 1: Regulation

Head of Advisory Business Development, Linda Todd in conversation with Regulatory Engagement Manager, Paul Fothergill

What needs to be on your regulatory agenda? From the outlook for the FSCS levy hike to the FCA's focus areas set-out in its latest business plan, in this short 17-minute video, Paul and Linda discuss all the areas of regulation that you need to be aware of when it comes to future-proofing your business.

Grey bookmark iconChapter 2: The tech story

Sesame Bankhall Group Managing Director, Distribution, Ross Liston, in conversation with Chief Operating Officer Richard Howells

In this 20-minute conversation, Ross and Richard explore what the future holds in the world of adviser technology.

Richard provides insight on the questions advisory firms should be asking when it comes to tech and data, and emphasises that the answer to the question “What tech do I need?” will probably involve a combination of solutions and providers, not just one.

They go on to discuss the solutions being driven by SBG to support advisers with their technology journeys, with Richard sharing both the short- and long-term ambitions of SBG.

Bookmark iconChapter 3: Business strategy

Jon Barham Photo and play icon

Listen: Recruiting for advisory firms

SBG’s Jon Barham in conversation with Advies Private Clients’ Matt Higgins, on how the right recruitment strategy can help future-proof your firm.

Laura Martin Photo

Read: Marketing Your Business

This introduction to marketing for advisory firms is designed to help you define the right approach for your business, and get started with marketing.

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Watch icon

Watch: Propositions Update

Brought to you by Propositions Director Craig Ross, this short animation gives you an overview of all the propositional developments coming soon from SBG.

Bookmark IconChapter 4: Economy, trends and threats

What are the upcoming opportunities and threats in your market? From wealth and investment to mortgage and protection, these four panel debates feature insights from experts across our industry.

Andrew Lock

Wealth Market: Economy, Trends And Threats, hosted by Andrew Lock

Frank O’Donnell

Investment Market: Economy, Trends And Threats, hosted by Frank O’Donnell

Steph Charman

Mortgage Market: Economy, Trends And Threats, hosted by Steph Charman

Alyson Perry

Protection Market: Economy, Trends And Threats, hosted by Alyson Perry

Blue bookmark iconChapter 5: Social responsibility and FCA’s views

Regulatory Engagement Manager, Paul Fothergill, in conversation with Compliance & Risk Director Carl Wallis

In this 15-minute session, Carl Wallis joins Paul Fothergill to discuss the FCA’s expectations around firm culture, diversity and inclusion, ESG investing and more.

Together, the two discuss the regulator’s increased focus on responsibility and the trends advisers and firms should be aware of in the coming months.

Bookmark IconChapter 6 | How We Can Support You: Bankhall Case Studies

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Firm A

How Bankhall worked with Firm A to streamline their operational design

Download Case Study A

Firm B

How Bankhall worked with Firm B to restructure their operational model

Download Case Study B

Firm C

How Bankhall worked with Firm C to optimise their operational design

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Bookmark iconChapter 6 | How We Can Support You: Meet The SBG Team

Meet the SBG team in this five-minute video, and come face-to-face with some of the people who are working to provide our award-winning support services to the UK’s adviser community.

Join Chris, Danny, Jardelle, Jo, John, Peter, Sam and Tori as they chat through what they enjoy about their roles here at SBG, and share some of their experiences of their time here with us.

Put a face to a name and watch now.

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